Tree of life nhs tree sculpture Kings Lynn Hospital by Mark Reed

Tree of Life Sculpture 

NHS Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Kings Lynn 
Mark Reed's Tree of Life sculpture will raise funds for the Cancer Services Charitable Fund in Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Kings Lynn NHS Trust and provide a place of calm contemplation in the Tree of Life Memorial Garden 

The 4.5m/ 15 ' x 4.9m/ 16.5' monumental tree sculpture was created by Norfolk-based artist Mark Reed and was commissioned by the Kings Lynn Hospital's League of Friends. The stunning sculpture features over 2,000 coloured and shimmering leaves that can be engraved with personal messages and memories, thus raising funds for the Cancer Services charitable fund.  A permanent installation, the tree is sculpted from stainless steel and will be both a place for commemoration and a space for quiet reflection and even joy amongst our most difficult days. 

If you would like further information on how to commission a personal message to be engraved permanently on one of the leaves, please collect a form from the Macmillan Unit at the QEII Hospital or contact the Communications team on 01553 613216 on

Because of high anticipated demand for the engraved leaves it has been decided that the sale of the leaves will be handled by the Queen Elizabeth II hospital directly. In no way do we wish to add any further stress to an overburdened N.H.S! 

However we realize that many people may wish to purchase a leaf very similar to those on the tree canopy. These can be obtained on this site. The leaf will feature the same colourful patination and can be hung in your home or garden as a remembrance or celebration of a special event with all proceeds to the Kings Lynn Hospital Cancer Services Charitable Fund. 

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